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    These events take place after gravity rush 1 but before #2 but still in hekseville after she saved it. After that fateful day life was quiet in Heksevile nevi attacks were rare if at all. Kat keep herself busy by doing odd jobs here and there. Training also tock up much of her time to be prepared if a threat like the nevi comes to attack heksevile she will be ready.


    It was a beautiful sunny day Kat was training outside her home. Gracefully flying thru the air it was more like dancing than fighting occasionally connecting with powerful kicks on the helpless dummies set up on the ground and in the air by sid. She had honed her powers to such a potent digre it did not tack long for her to finish off the dummies.”Ha if the nevi try attacking again they will be sorry”. Kat said proudly “Kat” her friend ravin call out to her. She had a noticeable bit of pudge on her, easily sean in her skimpy costume.even her pet raven seemed a little bigger too.”I’ve found the BEST bakery that had just opened up. You have to try.” “I can see that you like it.” Kat’s pasiv agresiv comment flew right over raven “ya come on.” “Ya I need a bit to eat after practice but hold on let me shower first cuz I smell.”


    After her short shower she met up with raven. The first thing she noticed about this place was all the young women in the place. Most did not fit in their clothing but still all different sizes. You could tell who spent a lot of time here she felt out of place here with her tiny frame. “Don’t worry about ordering I know what you need to try” exclaimed raven. She had gotten her three large glazed doughnuts bigger than her head a large milkshake and a generous slice of chess cake that looked like it was a quarter of the pie. “Wow you didn't need to get this much I won’t be able to finish this.” Kat said taken back by all the food this is more than i eat in a week. “Trust me you will.” raven seid with mouthfuls of her own food. ‘How can she eat so fast’ Kat thought. She hesitantly took off a piece off one of the doughnuts. It was the best thing she had ever had as she ate it it filled her all over with trumedic pleshor. Without thinking she devoured the rest of it like a feral beast getting some of it around her mouth.


    Gaining control of herself she giggled nervously while wiping her face. Then she notice dusty her cat was begging for one “shore dusty you can have one” dropping down one of the donut to her. Then she went on to the milkshake slurping it down and having the last doughnut. “Uggg I can’t have the chess cake now, I knew i couldn't finish it” Hand on her bulging stomach    “don’t worry about it just have it at home.” Kat seid her goodbyes to raven and sluggishly few to her home. When she got back she immediately took off her outfit it was feeling to tight right now. lying in her bed Taking her tired hand to her bloated stomach and rubbing it intensively belching as she did. I’ll do extra training tomorrow she thought to herself drifting off into sleep.

gluttony of the gravity Queen
This is my first sumishon here. I had thought that there was no gravity rsh weight gain like other I.Ps. I don't think anyone will like itr but here you go

gravity rush owned by-  Project Siren, Bluepoint Games, SIE Japan Studio 


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